Insulation as a Performing Surface | Forthcoming Conference Workshop | Swiss Design Network
Brienz, January 2016

This workshop − to be hosted at the First Winter Summit of the Swiss Design Network − aims to revisit the threshold between interior and exterior realms: the element of insulation as a performing surface. Through in-depth theoretical, hands-on and combined research, it will focus on the role of insulation, as a feature of division, definition and regulation, but also as an element that corresponds to diverse terrains – disciplinary or contextual.

Choreographed within a cabinet de curiosités at the Grandhotel Giessbach, this workshop will comprise an assortment of insulation materials from both the spatial and dress design spheres as a basis for experimentation and discourse. This material display will be interwoven with sources of historiographic and contextual information around key themes, such as: layering, tiling, membrane, foil, texture and temperature.

The workshop will be held in collaboration with Eva Sopeoglou (Lecturer at the University of Hertfordshire) and Jo Pierce (Pathway Leader for Print at CSM Textiles).

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• Image: Franz Erhard Walther, Wallformation Gelbmodellierung, 1980/81 | Credits: Matina Kousidi, Art Basel 2015

Towards the Immateriality of the Building Envelope | Forthcoming Lectures | Politecnico di Milano
Milan, Spring 2016

Recent paradigms of architecture design have called into question the basic assumption that rigid façades are a prerequisite for the envelopment of architectural space, drawing attention to the dematerialisation tendencies of the building exterior. With the drive towards sustainable architecture, this lectures series − to be held at the School of Architecture and Society of the Politecnico di Milano in Spring 2016 − will focus on a historical, theoretical and critical exploration of the material characters of architecture, aiming to trace the genesis of the dematerialisation of the building exterior.

Maintaining a contemporary perspective, participants will engage in a cultural reading of various architectural materialities that tend to the immaterial. In its core, the workshop will address the thematic issues of continuity, transparency, comfort and osmosis apropos of the architectural artefact.

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• Image: Diller Scofidio + Renfro, Blur Building, 2002 | Source: Nick Tafel, The Blur Building: A Contrived Landscape

Architecouture. Crossing between Architecture & Couture | Interdisciplinary Think Tank
Milan, Summer 2016

Situated within a wider discourse on the interrelation between spatial, dress and textile design practices, this think tank will serve as a foundation to further research synergies and initiatives. Aiming to provide a critical insight into how architecture and fashion may inform one another, provoking fresh disciplinary definitions and exchanges, it will draw upon methodological tools and epistemological knowledge from fields, such as history and theory of architecture and design, dress history and theory, history of textiles and histories of art.

Exploring the hypothesis that the human body is surrounded by diverse additional skins within living spaces − the entirety of which interrelate and interact − Architecouture aspires to nourish our understanding of the link between direct and indirect, private and public, soft and hard material envelopments and elucidate, above all, their meaning for the modern society and culture.

Website of the Think Tank

• Image: Traditional building cladding, Appenzell, Switzerland | Credits: Matina Kousidi, July 2015